The Winter Blues

Winter BluesIf you reside in a northern state or a colder climate, winters can be hard on marriages and families as a result of winter blues. It gets dark earlier, people tend to spend less time outdoors and many people experience decreased energy. Some individuals begin to crave carbohydrates and experience weight gain. Others begin to feel as if they have less privacy as they are always in the presence of others without the ability to separate as they can in warmer weather. All of this can lead to a sustained period of depression, conflict with others and feelings of hopelessness. This cyclical disorder can manifest itself in both physical and psychological symptoms.

There are many potential solutions to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) such as light therapy, dietary changes and vitamin D supplementation, psychotropic medication, exercise and therapy. A combination of the aforesaid is probably optimal. However, a good therapist needs to motivate his or her patient to engage in as many of the SAD treatments as possible. The days of a therapist being a passive listener are over. Today, therapists need to be energetic, coach patients, and provide attainable therapeutic goals. Treatment of SAD does not have to be complicated. Often times patients begin to feel better much faster than anticipated.

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