Why can relationships be so lonely?

The beginning of relationships……..

You feel important, valued, and accepted. For the first time in your  life you feel complete and understood. Life is good, stress decreases, you are content, and you worry less.

After time…………

It seems that your partner pays more attention to kids, pets, friends, work and other responsibilities.  Your partner is nicer to everyone else and takes their frustrations out on you. You  feel hurt, alone, disrespected, or unappreciated.  If you share these feelings with your partner, they get defensive and feel criticized or attacked.  You speak about the same issues repeatedly with no resolution.

You start thinking that life is too short……..

Life circumstances make you start thinking that you cannot continue in your relationship the way it is.   You may begin to question your compatibility with your partner and think you are no longer in love.

What should you do…..

I can help you create physical and emotional intimacy that you used to have or to get closer than you ever were.  I see couples reconnect all the time.  All relationships take work and go through rough times.  I have worked with couples who have survived infidelity, emotional distance, sexual issues, addictions (alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling, shopping, sex and love addiction) and get closer than they ever have been in therapy. It is never too late to change your relationship and recreate love.

I invite you to read more about my services. I see both individuals and couples for a variety of reasons. Please feel free to call or text with any questions. Situations might not change but perceptions can.